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Can Technology Improve the Inefficiencies in Construction?

My last boss had a saying: “Technology can’t solve people problems.” What she meant was that technology is great and can make teams more efficient, but it fails when the people using it can’t agree on a process that benefits everyone or hold each other accountable for using it correctly. I’ve always liked the phrase because how people implement technology is so critical to that technology’s effectiveness. During a recent exchange with a Submittal Exchange client, Dale Munhall, AIA , Director of Construction Phase Services at LEO A DALY, we discussed how it applies to construction.

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NY Tax Payers Saving w/ Construction Document Management Software on SUNY Projects


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GSA Certified Partners Reduce Procurement Time By As Much As 90% For Government Agencies

Understanding the GSA and GSA Certified Partners Like Submittal Exchange

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5 Reasons to Choose Submittal Exchange

Are you looking for a better way to manage construction documentation?

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Features to Improve Document Editing & Collaboration

In today's construction environment, time is money.  Everyone involved in a construction project, from the general contractor to the owner, needs the ability to review documents, to address issues quickly and to make sure everyone is on the same page with project plans, changes and updates. 

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